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Even the best Kitchen designs can be marred by poor lighting, while the right kind of light can make your countertops sparkle. Keeping in mind that lighting affects the appearance of everything in your kitchen, it’s important to choose lights that set the mood you want, while providing a well lit space for you to prepare meals. At Cornerstone Kitchens & Design in Vancouver, we stay up to speed with all the latest trends in kitchen design.

LED’s are more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run, and lasting longer than conventional incandescent bulbs. They also provide a range of colour temperatures to suit any style. White LED’s provide harder, cooler lighting similar to halogen bulbs, while softer, warmer bulbs more closely match the tone of incandescents.

Since they use less energy, LED’s also allow you to implement more lights into your kitchen without increasing your annual electric bill. Getting creative with lighting can not only add to your kitchen’s overall appeal, it can increase the functionality of the space. LED’s stationed inside dark drawers and cabinets may sound like a minor addition but, over time, this small touch can make your kitchen a pleasure to use.

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