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Cabinet Styles


A hardwood that can be stained in a variety of colours as well as painted in any Benjamin Moore Paint Colour. Door Styles can be Slab or Shaker with many different profiles to select from. For painted maple doors, the lines where the rail meets the style may show through and crack the paint slightly as the door expands and contracts during seasonal changes. Maple is an affordable and very versatile wood to use in any kitchen or bathroom.


A softer wood than maple and often selected because of the beautiful way that it stains. There is a lot of colour variation in a Cherry door which also comes in slab or shaker. The price is one category higher than Maple.


For the high gloss look with a smooth, non mottled reflection, on a slab door style. Colour choices are very minimum but if high gloss white is what you are after then this is the door we recommend. Even a 2 tone brushed nickel edge tape can be applied for a beautiful finish. Acrylic can be used as an accent to a darker stained kitchen or as a complete look in itself. Price category is higher than Cherry and Rift Oak.

Rift Oak

We added Rift Oak to our line because of the contemporary straight grain lines. It is usually seen as a slab door and often paired with a white slab kitchen as an accent on the island. It stains up just like cherry except more consistent and falls into the same price category.


Yes, medium density fibreboard. This is always painted in any Benjaminin Moore Colour and is often a slab door. However, when a client doesn’t ever want to see seams on a painted maple shaker door, they can get a one piece MDF door, routered into a shaker pattern. These doors need to be kept dry, and special attention should be given around the sink area where water can drip down onto the door and cause it to swell. These doors are priced the same as maple.


Laminate doors have become so popular due to the fact that the doors are made out of laminate countertop material and are highly durable. They are always slab style and are usually a tight wrap on the sides and edge tape top and bottom. The brushed nickel edge taping can also be applied to laminate doors. Some of them are textured and feel just like a real rift oak. A clean and contemporary look is always achieved. Priced the same as Maple and MDF.

High Gloss Poly

An MDF Door painted in an automotive spray booth to achieve a high gloss mirror like finish which wraps the sides and therefore no edge taping required as in Acrylic. High Gloss Poly is in our highest price category and the lead time is often 10-12 weeks, even for parts.


Not as popular due to the increase in laminate choices, but still available. Thermofoil is able to wrap all four sides without any need for edge taping. Some bubbling is allowed to appear on the edges where there is glue and is even more noticeable in high gloss. It is priced the same as Maple, MDF, and Laminate.