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Countertop Styles


Made of an acrylic composite, Corian solid surfacing does have all the same benefits as quartz. The colours and applications of this product are endless. Seams can be eliminated and because it has the colour all the way through, it is repairable. It is also warm to the touch and glass doesn’t break so easily when you drop it as it does on stone surfaces. Must avoid placing any hot pots onto countertop.


Until Quartz, Granite had outsold every other countertop. Most granites have a wavy pattern as it is removed from the quarry in full sheet slabs. The countertop is porous and does need to be sealed which is simple and takes little time and effort. It is as real as you can get and is always accompanied with the “wow” effect.


Quartz is by far the most popular choice for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. There are many different styles such as a raw concrete look, marble designs, and speckled patterns. The quartz granules are ground up and poured with an epoxy to create an exact blend of colour and pattern every time. The epoxy makes it non porous, therefore stain resistant and perfect for a highly used counter space. We carry Ceasarstone, LG, Silestone, Cambria, as well as many non branded Asian lines.


Being softer and more porous than granite, Marble is a no go for the kitchen. It tends to be lighter in colour and therefore will easily show stains from red wine and coffee. We have installed marble for the bathroom countertop as well as makes great matching seats and thresholds for the shower.


Soapstone is created by nature, composed of talc, quartz and various minerals that has compressed over millions of years. There are two types of soapstone, artistic and architectural. Architectural is harder and denser, making it suitable for the counter tops, sinks, etc. that we fabricate. It varies from light grey in its natural state with moderate to heavy amounts of veining.  With age, use and the application of mineral oil the stone darkens and the character and beauty becomes more apparent.

A soapstone countertop is solid rock that will last many lifetimes. It is so dense that it allows nothing to penetrate it (not even bacteria), it is impossible to stain, and heat will not affect it (it’s used to build fireplaces). Apart from the initial treatment with mineral oil and the occasional wiping, the countertops require no extra care.