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When you’re looking to make a makeover in your kitchen, the first thing you should do is to consider what you want changed. Are you looking for custom countertops? One of the major decisions in your design choice is what material you want to make your countertops out of. Your countertops serve a dual purpose of aesthetic and function, so you want to make sure you know all your options before you choose so you make an informed decision. A countertop should be expressive of the style of your house without sacrificing function.

At Cornerstone Kitchens and Design, we offer several different types of material:

Corian. This material is made out of acrylic composite. Highly variable, the palette of this material can be whatever you want, creating the image of veining, translucency, and graining. This material works well with wood, metal, glass, and other materials.

Granite. As a natural stone, granite can be rather rough and textured, but when made into a countertop, grinding and polishing turns it into a smooth surface with rich luster. Depending on the minerals that are in the stone, the end result can consist of many different rich colors, such as red and pink highlights, or brown and black veining.

Quartz. Quartz creates a hard and durable surface. With its glossy sheen, this material turns any kitchen into an area that feels clean and bright. It’s easy to clean, non-porous and stain and crack resistant.

Marble. We don’t use marble for kitchen countertops due to its soft and porous nature. However, it can be used for bathroom countertops, creating a display of color that ranges from solid whites, blacks, or other colors like rose, yellow, grey, or green.

Soapstone. This material creates a beautiful matte color with a smooth natural feel. Made from natural stone that’s been compressed together. Over time, as it gets used, the stone darkens, improving the color further.

For custom countertops, look no further than Cornerstone Kitchens & Design, located in North Vancouver.