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Are you ready for the kitchen reno that you have been waiting years for. Now that you have picked out the style of cabinets and how the drawers will pull out, its time to decide on what type of counter will suit your lifestyle! Along with colors and finishing your counter should be able to withstand all the meals that you will prepare in your kitchen. Read more on what’s trending with kitchen countertops in 2018:

Quartz Countertops

Because of its durable nature Quartz never seems to go out of style. They are non-porous, do not require re-sealing and aren’t as susceptible to chipping and cracking that you see in other stone options. What makes Quartz so easy to work with is that it comes in a wide range of colors to fit your overall design. From a cleanliness aspect, Quartz also repels bacteria. Quartz does sit on the higher end when it comes to comparative costs but because of its long lifespan it is a great investment!

Wood Countertops

Want a more traditional and textured feel to your kitchen. Perhaps give butched block countertops a look. They give a kitchen a feeling of warmth and texture that stone cannot. Wood countertops are also a sustainable option if you locate reclaimed wood for your kitchen.

Seamless Kitchen Sinks

Over the last few years farmhouse sinks have been prevalent in many renovations projects. In 2018 look to more projects where the sink is minimal in nature. Seamless kitchen sinks are part of the countertop so it disappears into the design. They are easy to clean and because there are no seams they are easier to maintain while keeping mold and bacteria from growing. Definitely a trend worth looking into.