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Now that 2018 is here we go back to take a look at what trends took over the kitchen design world in 2017.

Brushed Gold: In early 2015, gold was reintroduced for cabinetry handles/knobs and has come on strong for 2017.

Handles Over Knobs:  Handles was definitely the choice cabinet hardware selection for 2017.  Clean, minimal, and easy to open are the top criteria when choosing cupboard handles.  In 2017 we will also saw the continuing trend towards handle-less cabinetry. 

Solid Painted Cabinetry:  Solid painted cabinets included white, brown greys, soft greys and whites with chalking like the Alabaster finish.

Quartz Countertops: Were still be the countertop of choice for 2017.  There are so many benefits to quartz countertops and it seems to be the favoured choice for the busy home.   

Unified Height Cabinets:  Upper cabinets that are the same height was still the desired look.  This can include cabinets and crown that go all the way up to the ceiling or slightly below.  Stacked upper cabinets continued trend into 2017.  Not only does this element of design add additional upper storage, but it delivers the look of grandeur to the space.

Cabinet Style Range Hoods:  This category exploded in 2016 and continued in 2017.

As trends come and go, remember to follow your instincts when making major decisions. If you have questions and want to know what is trending in 2018, give us a call at Cornerstone Kitchens & Design at 604-986-9969!